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Nothing has more significantly affected the lives and business of the people of the world since the Industrial Revolution than the Digital Revolution of the Internet. Internet web sites, domain names, Internet service providers and e-commerce have become the occupants in the new world called "Cyberspace." However, there is a definite challenge applying the rules of the old-line law in this new world.

Fred J. Micale Esq., PC has counseled its clients on the new and cutting edge legal issues of Internet law involving information security, online electronics contract transactions, regulation of online content, privacy policies, and proprietary rights to electronic information.

Fred J. Micale Esq., PC has represented companies in the communications business for over 25 years. More recently, the clients of Fred J. Micale Esq., PC have ranged from commercial enterprises using electronic commercial web sites and applications to companies building and providing world wide networks and network solutions as well as data presenting on national industrial level. In the relatively uncharted waters of the brave, new and digital world. Fred J. Micale Esq., PC has offered its clients current legal advice, guidance and comfort as they embark upon new and profitable opportunities, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia as well as other countries of the former Soviet Union.

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